Step 3 Relationships

There is no road of success without people; they are the road!

A relationship is nothing else than one heart communicating and connecting with another heart. Relationship is all about intimacy and connection! Intimacy, according to one of my mentors, means ‘into me you see’. We have a real crisis in the world concerning this. On Facebook and social media we become friends with people we have not even seen or heard. We ‘connect’ with people, but sometimes there are not even any words involved. We then ‘unfriend’ eachother, after which we have to deal with real rejection in the midst of absolutely no real relationship. This is truly crazy and spooky. We have lost the art of connecting with people and therefore we have lost relationship. We have replaced relationship with digital communication that is at a safe distance and where we have control over and can mute each other. The biggest reason for this is the fact that we have lost connection with ourselves! We have lost reference of ourselves, because we no longer have real friendship where we can get to know ourselves. If there is one thing on the road of success that is very clear, it is that you need to learn how to connect and work with people. People are not an optional item on the road of success; they are the beginning and the end of the road. There is no road of success without people; they are the road!

The above paragraph is from the book, The Formula of Success, by Arno & Marianne Claassen, get your copy from Amazon by simply clicking the link below.

The Formula of Success

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